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M0stlyVoid, malk1ns
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mini apples


many of my works are explicit. i prefer to only interact with people over the age of 18 due to their explicit nature. if you're under 18, i wish you a pleasant fandom experience, just not here! thank you for respecting this.

my main tumblr is here.
please do not repost my works on any other platforms, including any sort of reference on goodreads. i make tumblr posts for each of my fics; reblogging them is of course allowed.

i do not allow for my fics to be added to collections; it's not personal, i just don't want to risk someone deciding to anon or hide a collection and taking my fic with it! i recommend creating bookmark collections instead :)

i do not allow any sort of transformation or adaptation of my work (remixing a fic, writing a sequel, podficcing, etc). translations, art, and moodboards are allowed provided there's a credit link back! i would prefer translations be posted on ao3 using the 'translate' feature so there's a direct link back to my original work.

to clarify on the podfic issue: it has come to my attention that there are podficcers who have decided that if a fic is orphaned, it's fair game for any type of transformative work, including podfics, remixes, continuations, etc. ao3's position has been verified as stating that podficcing an orphaned fic without prior permission is considered copyright infringement. however, they have also stated that permission cannot be rescinded once it's been given, even if a fic is orphaned. it would be very easy to fake having received permission if someone's previous position was that people could ask first, so i am changing my stance to a blanket no.

i prefer not to receive unsolicited critiques on any of my fics, thank you!