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North east of england


If you would like to listen to me whine on twitter you can do that here.

Sadly I am working a lot lately and I co-run a very busy twitter fan account, which leaves me almost no time to write for the moment. I have not given up though!


I am currently working on:


1) Another fic in the Supervillain's Guide series

2) Teamwork series prequel! I needed some fluffiness and fun after the utter misery of the last part of that series! (Written about 10,000 words, but the entire story is plotted out in detail.)

3) Sequel to Lane of the Land of the Dead because I CAN'T LIVE WITH WHAT I DID LOL. This is not a 'fix it' story, it is a 'leave everyone in a slightly less miserable place' story. (6000 words completed.)

4) About four Daredevil short fics that I may never finish...