1. Romeo et Juliette - Presgurvic (7)
  2. Romeo & Juliet - Takarazuka Revue (7)
  3. Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare (7)
  4. Don Juan - Takarazuka Revue (5)
  5. Romeo And Juliet - All Media Types (4)

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  1. Summary

    A collection of shortstories happening in a shared universe where Juan and Carlos grew up together, started dating in college, and own a cat called Mittens. She belongs to Juan, but he likes to pretend that she doesn't (clearly they both belong to her, anyway).

  2. Takarazuka Prompt Series by

    Fandom: BADDY - Takarazuka Revue, BADDY/Arthur Crossover, Brat'ya Karamazovy | Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Canaria - Takarazuka Revue, Dark Brown Eyes - Takarazuka Revue, Don Juan - Gray, Don Juan - Takarazuka Revue, Elisabeth - Levay/Kunze, Elisabeth - Takarazuka Revue, Flying Sapa - Takarazuka Revue, Hoshiai Hitoyo|One Night of Stars - Takarazuka Revue, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo | Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas, Legend of the Phoenix|Calaf and Turandot - Takarazuka Revue, N-Style - Takarazuka Revue, People Who Have Wings/Elisabeth Das Musical Crossover if you squint, Romeo & Juliet - Takarazuka Revue, Romeo And Juliet - All Media Types, Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare, Romeo et Juliette - Presgurvic, Shall We Dance - Takarazuka Revue, Takarazuka Revue Musical, Takarazuka Revue Musicals, The Brothers Karamazov - Takarazuka Revue, The Count of Monte Cristo - All Media Types, The Dawn At Solferino|ソルフェリーノの夜明け - Takarazuka Revue, The Scarlet Pimpernel - All Media Types, The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy, The Scarlet Pimpernel - Takarazuka Revue, The Scarlet Pimpernel - Wildhorn/Knighton, Turandot - Puccini, Капитанская дочка - Александр Пушкин | The Captain's Daughter - Alexander Pushkin, アーサー王伝説 | La Légende du Roi Arthur - Takarazuka Revue, ドン ジュアン|Don Juan - Takarazuka Revue, マリポーサの花 | La Mariposa - Takarazuka Revue, マリポーサの花|Mariposa no Hana - Takarazuka Revue, ミロワール|Miroirs - Takarazuka Revue, モンテ・クリスト伯|The Count of Monte Cristo - Takarazuka Revue, ランスロット|Lancelot - Takarazuka Revue, 壮麗帝|The Magnificent Emperor - Takarazuka Revue, 星逢一夜 | One Night of Stars - Takarazuka Revue, 翼ある人びと|People Who Have Wings - Takarazuka Revue, 銀の狼 | Gin no Ookami | Silver Wolf - Takarazuka Revue, 鳳凰伝-カラフとトゥーランドット- | Legend of the Phoenix -Calaf & Turandot- - Takarazuka Revue

    14 Apr 2021

  3. Summary

    A collection of stories about the lives of those left behind in Seville.

  4. Summary

    A collection of loosely related drabbles and stories about the many French Revolution plays that Takarazuka puts on. If I put them in here you can assume I intend them to take place in the same universe.*


    *Until that gives me a headache because of continuity issues ;)