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Hello! I’m Blair. I read and write fanfic to keep me sane while I churn out academic paper after academic paper. If you ever want to say hi to me, don’t hesitate to hit me up here or at my email. I really like people, so if you’re one of those we should get along great.

I grant blanket permission for the use of my works as podfics, translations, and fanart (here, read “grant blanket permission” as “oh my god yes please I love you”). I ask that if it’s a podfic or translation you credit me as the author and link back to the original work. If you do use my work, I would love it if you could tell me about it so I could squee all over you. Unless you’re uncomfortable with squeeing, in which case I will stand a careful distance away and calmly praise.

If you want to write something in one of my little universes, I ask that you contact me first. I most likely have storylines set up in those, so we just need to coordinate between the two of us.