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‣ I might start taking requests for fics soon. Current fandoms:
> Loki (show),
> Supernatural,
> Sherlock (BBC),
> Young Justice,
> Ninjago,
> Harry Potter.
‣ If you have any ideas, do DM me on Twitter added above or leave them in the comments under either of my works related to the fandom you're interested in. It may take me a while to start with the requests and writing fics, but I will put them on the list with nicks and keep them in mind.
‣ WARNING: I won't write ships/OTPs as well as topics that I'm not comfortable with. I'll read all the propositions, but it doesn't mean I will write each of them.


Thank you for spending your time reading my description. Have a good day/night ^-^

(My profile picture is made with the help of picrew and edited by my friend, for which I'm grateful.)