My pseuds:
Liadt, liadt bunny, liadtbunny
I joined on:


I am British and therefore "laugh with one eye, while crying with the other." I prefer to stick to the laughing.

I like watching old TV shows and old things generally. Nothing's ever forgotten.

Please feel free to comment! Both long and short comments are welcome. I don't bite or stalk. If you want to ask a question about my fics please do! I will try to answer as best I can.

Transformative works policy:
Feel free to podfic (inc changes for listening purposes), translate, make fanart, icon, make sequels/prequels to my fic. For fanmixes and archiving please ask permission first.
All I ask is you send me a link so I can squee over your work and that you credit me and have a link back to my original(ish) work.