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After several years of writing primarily in game fandoms, I have fallen into Homestuck and can't stop. Hot damn, complicated romance with teenage aliens having all the feels. I seem to write a lot of porn. I like all gender combinations, complicated power dynamics, characters who aren't human, ambiguous and conflicted expressions of gender, and probably a lot of other things I'm failing to remember right now. I hate trying to summarize myself in profiles.

I stole this name from Aleister Crowley, and *he* stole it from Jewish legend (though he altered the spelling to make the letters add up to a number he liked better): the word "lailah" means "night," and the being associated with the name might, depending on which account one reads, be an angel fighting on Abraham's behalf or a demon with interests similar to Lilith's.

Ambiguity, it's pretty cool.


Other places you might find me: is my mostly-dormant fandom journal; I talk to friends on plurk but rarely add people there unless I know them already.

Transformative works policy: You are always welcome to remix, illustrate, or otherwise transform my fic. Please link back to me when you post yours, and if you're willing to drop me a note about it, please do! I am always flattered and happy when someone gets enough out of my work to want to engage with it that way.
Update August 6, 2020: Going forward I do not want podfic made of my work. I have no problem with existing podfic remaining available but please don't record new ones. Thank you.

Caveat about series: if you write a spinoff from a series I'm working on, I will probably not reciprocate the link. It's not personal! I just don't want there to be any confusion for other readers about what is and is not part of the series "canon."