The Reverend

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London, UK


A retired reverend of The Eagle fandom (although very much still in the fandom), Supernatural veteran (Wincest, baby!), a bandom enthusiast (Gerard/Frank and Patrick/Pete are my favs), an MCU/Marvel fangirl with extreme fondness for the Science Boyfriends and Cap/Bucky.
I'm a little bit over 30 and I'm a resident fandom artist (digital painting, photomanips, edits, etc). In real life I design book covers, mostly for modern romance and supernatural romance novels (M/M and F/M). I read insane amounts of M/M books (thank god for long London commutes).
Feminist, cat lover, lazy ass city dweller. Literary theory, especially applied to fanworks, audience theories, and postmodernism in geeky media turn me on a whole lot.