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Hi! I am LadyLiberty, a teenage girl from Finland who absolutely loves Once Upon A Time.

There's nothing much to tell about me. My hobbies mostly consist of reading and procrastinating. I used to write, but I don't have the motivation and/or time for writing anymore. However I have been toying with some ideas, so I might start writing again. Maybe. I don't know yet.

But anyways, I love to read, especially fanfiction. My main fandom is obviously OUAT, but I also love Harry Potter. I also have started watching Reign and Trollhunters, though I haven't gotten far on either of the series. I am also fan of Disney and I really love the Ducktales reboot.

You probably won't see me much on this site. I pretty much use this site only to read fanfiction. I haven't posted anything yet, but we shall see if that will change. (I really have no idea if it will. Really. I am pretty lazy writer so only heaven knows when I will post anything.)

Umm, what else? Well, I love cats. My family has cats and I really love them. I also like listening to music, spending time with family/friends and watching good movies or tv-shows. My favourite actress is Lana Parrilla. She's awesome.

And that's pretty much it. I am a boring girl so I don't have anything else I could tell you. If you really want to chat with me, you can message me on other sites as AO3 doesn't offer a Direct Message option, unfortunately. You can find my different usernames below.

Anyways, I wish you a nice day, thank you for reading my profile! :)



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