My pseuds:
JanellyficWIPgraveyard, LadyJanelly
I joined on:


I want to explicitly say:

Feel free to make fair use of my fic.

No seriously.

Don't plagiarize me (aka don't take my words and claim them as your own, change character names, etc).

But if you want to podfic? Go for it.

Want to make art? Always awesome.

Want to write in AUs I have built? Sure!

Want to translate a fic I wrote into another language? Sweet!

Any other fair use/transformative work that I'm not thinking of right now?? I'll add it to this list.

I would love a link-back, and I would love to know it's out there so I don't miss the pleasure of partaking in something so delightful and flattering.

If you need to change word-order or make minor changes to make podfics easier, feel free. I am always happy to answer pronunciation questions too.