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h34rt1lly, LILYisatig3r
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Fun fact, I share a birthday with Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII! On to other things...hello all! My name is Lily, nice to meet you *waves*. Pretty new to writing fanfiction, though I'm not new to reading it. Some tidbits about me:

- I also post on FFNet, under h34rt1lly.
- I love Final Fantasy. VIII is my favorite, & my OTP is Squinoa :P
- I currently work at Blizzard Entertainment, but all of my fanfiction and personal writing is not endorsed by my employer.
- I write mostly Romance genre, paired with angst/humor/etc. Sorry, not sorry.
- I always comment back :)
- My update schedules are basically nonexistent, I'm sorry (:

I now take fanfiction commissions! More information can be found here.