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    I love National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but I don't have a novel in me right now. Maybe a novella. I also really like writing smut! As a result, my annual November project has been "write a bunch of porny short stories." Thus, "NaPoWriMo." It's a great way to give myself permission to spend a bunch of time writing, and the NaNoWriMo umbrella gives me a socially acceptable way to talk about spending a bunch of time writing. In 2014 (my fifthsixth, holy blap, year of doing the project, I'm happy about that), I decided that AO3 had good tools and a good community for posting the resulting works—especially since a fair bit of what I wanted to write, was fanfiction.

    This is expressed as a "series" because that seems to be the closest tool AO3 provides for what I want, however, the stories are almost never connected to one another.

    Note for later reference: the series' word count was 30,368 at the end of November. However, the last story at the time wasn't finished, so the total word count is a little higher.