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I have a vague idea about writing a group of small fan-sequels, short stories, to ’Deadly Messiah’, an astrological thriller I read many years ago.

The novel was more thriller than fantasy or sci-fi, and normally I am no fan of thrillers, but this one captured me for some reason. I am an astrologer, and perhaps it started with that thriller, for the protagonist, Vera Norman, and the antagonist, Jephtheh Smith, both were astrologers. Good girl versus bad guy.

Anyhow, the general idea is to picture this as having happened and the effects it would have. Of course it would not become public information that all the people bad guy did away with were victims of bad astrology – and bad guy’s mysterious machine – but it would become knowledge in the wrong hands. And like two thousand years ago, astrology would suddenly be perceived as a threat, and scientists and all kinds of people would start arguing against it, to the point of outlawing it. Our world would veer off in slightly another direction, towards other futures.

That is really all I have right now, and perhaps it is not that different from how astrologers are treated today, but I think the situation can be exaggerated with some effect. For now the idea is to find a couple of small angles on the theme and see if they can be a, developed and b, connected meaningfully. Not that I am a thriller writer, more in to fairy tales... but it would be good exercise in any case. If I get the story right, someone else will have to actually write it for me! Bad guy’s bad machine is not my style, I prefer fairy tales over thrillers, but the idea of astrological machines is interesting also. I do not think astrology works by any ’force’, but the idea might be interesting to develop anyhow. Might need to change the laws of nature, but fiction is fiction, right?

So, that’s what I am about. But I guess that to be able to call whatever I might produce fanfic I need to re-read the thing.