a.k.a Kita Kitsune (FF.Net + mostly YYH fandom) or SnarkyAuthor (everywhere else)

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NorCal Bay Area


My pronouns are they/them! With 6 concussions since 2015, I feel lucky I can still write - please forgive any typos!

~Last logged in September 3, 2020.~

deviantART * Tumblr * FanFiction.Net * AdultFanfiction.Net * Reclaimed YouTube (YYH vids)

I'm an old-school rper from the days of the user chat rooms on Y!M (began 2002), but have also rped on Tumblr (Hellstream rp in 2012) and, more recently, some YYH rps on Discord (2018-).

Been writing for 81% of my life (since 1994) and exclusively-fanfiction-writing for 50% of my life (since 2004).

Currently-writing-for fandoms: YYH

I also like Good Omens(both), Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Hilda, Gravity Falls, American Gods(s1), Luke Cage(s1), Better Call Saul, Black Books, Star Trek(TNG, DS9, Voyager), Babylon 5 and a shit-ton of other sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

Have an affection for YYH & HxH, Kurameshi, Kurahi, Frostiron, Ineffable Ace Idiots, Saisa, Kiribaku, Yukitouya, languages, gummis, Itoen green tea and black tea with milk.

Thanks very much! ありがとうございました!Danke schoen! Merci beaucoup! Xiexie! Muchas gracias! Spasiba!