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    A group of kids have what appears to be a chance encounter with an alien. Being told that they're not alone in the universe isnt a surprise as there have been biomech incidents around the world. But being told that there is an invasion in the process to take their planet, they decide to do everything in their power to protect it. Even if they dont think they're up to the job.

    Hello everybody. I'm a big fan of the series and wanted to see this play out in the modern world. There's actually a great series that is doing that in archive. So I guess I can say that it was an inspiration. But mine is going to be slightly different.

    For one, I'm using the appearance of the Animorphs from the television series. Mostly because I love Shawn Ashmore and his brother. And I'm also adding an OC to the mix because I want to explore a new dynamic. But since the characters are aged up a bit into adulthood, use the older versions of the actors, but not too old.

    There is also the tiny fact that I've added a new element to the story in general.

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