My pseuds:
dande, Kess, lofi, milf shockwave
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I live in:
Melbourne, Australia


Hi there, I'm Kess. podficcer, adult in the eyes of the law, Melbourne Trash

Twitter: @kessbnu ON HIAUTUS
Discord: lofi#7160

Huge thanks to Paraka for hosting my podfic :)

-beginner writer, nothing to see here folks-
Current projects:

The Shape of Me will Always be You by MissDisoriental, Hannibal, Will/Hannibal

Volutions series by tempus_teapot, Dragon Age, Fenris/Anders

As a note: I give blanket permission for transformative works/podfic/vids etc. of my contributions to fandom and fiction. All I ask is a) that you credit me in some way b) that you let me know that you're doing something with my work c) that you don't take credit for my work or post it in other places without my permission and d) you do not make a monetary profit off my work

My stance on repodding: go for it, friends