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    The adventures of Clovis Harlan, MIB, Cathal Fordon, supervillain-turned-part-time-superhero, and the many long-suffering friends they've made on both sides of the law. Also, aliens.

    Posted because there's literally nothing on AO3 for Evil FTW and that shouldn't be allowed.

    Seriously though, when are these two losers gonna kiss?

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    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is not a happy place. It has a long history, stained with blood and rusting metal. The only sane thing to do when confronted with even a fraction of the horrors lurking within is run away screaming.

    Apparently, Mike Schmidt isn't as sane as he thought he was. Not only does he not run away screaming, he actually comes back after his first, near-fatal shift as a night guard. Mike just wants to know why: why Freddy's is still standing, why the android mascots have gone homicidal, and why the world seems content to let such things continue. But the closer he gets to uncovering the pizzeria's secrets, the more he realizes that what's happening at Freddy's is just the tip of the iceberg.

    You shouldn't go chasing rabbits, Mike. You don't know what you'll find.

    Eventual Bonnie/Mike (slow burn). Other pairings (and characters) will be added as they appear. Based (loosely) on Tina-Sapphire's AU, which can be found on DeviantArt.