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IMPORTANT NOTE: IF THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ANY PODFIC FILE, LET ME KNOW! I might have uploaded a wrong version or fucked up a link along the way. I WILL FIX IT.

Works are split by type under different pseuds for ease of navigation.

I make podfic to keep myself sane and edit audiobooks so I can afford to keep doing that. Occasionally I write fic and even rarer than that I work on my original stuff. I started dabbling in a bit of art making. I also stress bake and sometimes that means fannish recipes happen.

Self-appointed fandom-aunt.

The whole point of fandom is that it's fun to play with someone else's toys. I borrowed them for a bit, took them out for a spin and if you don't like how I played with them, well, they're already back on the shelf for others to have a go :D If you do like how I played with them and want to have a go yourself, feel free to borrow from me in turn. In other words, feel free to podfic, illustrate, translate, remix my stuff to your heart's content. Re-pods are fun <3 You don't have to ask ahead, but linking back is appreciated (LET ME LOVE YOU!)

If you want to talk, you can find me on Tumblr as kd-heart and on Dreamwidth as kdheart. I also have a pillowfort now as kdheart, but I keep forgetting about it.