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IMPORTANT NOTE: IF THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ANY PODFIC FILE, LET ME KNOW! I might have uploaded a wrong version or fucked up a link along the way. I WILL FIX IT.

Works are split by type under different pseuds for ease of navigation.

I make podfic to keep myself sane and edit audiobooks so I can afford to keep doing that. Occasionally I write fic and even rarer than that I work on my original stuff. I started dabbling in a bit of art making. I also stress bake and sometimes that means fannish recipes happen.

Self-appointed fandom-aunt.

The whole point of fandom is that it's fun to play with someone else's toys. I borrowed them for a bit, took them out for a spin and if you don't like how I played with them, well, they're already back on the shelf for others to have a go :D If you do like how I played with them and want to have a go yourself, feel free to borrow from me in turn. In other words, feel free to podfic, illustrate, translate, remix my stuff to your heart's content. Re-pods are fun <3 You don't have to ask ahead, but linking back is appreciated (LET ME LOVE YOU!)
Please, credit me as KDHeart. All other pseuds are only used for sorting works on my own account.

If you want to talk, you can find me on Tumblr as kd-heart and on Dreamwidth as kdheart. I also have a pillowfort now as kdheart, but I keep forgetting about it.