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JoelleDHaskell, MochaKimono
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Hi. I'm Jo, or Dresden, also known as MochaKimono in a lot of places.

I have some ebooks for sale on Amazon Kindle: Ocera and Sunshield are dark, adult, fantasy horror-dramas dealing heavily with abuse, abduction, and PTSD, published under the name Joelle D. Haskell. Down is a lighter-toned high-fantasy adventure novel in a brand-new original series of Zalensia, published under the name Jo Dresden Haskell. Please check them out! :D

I publish the rest of my original fiction on FictionPress under JoelleHaskell. Most of it is fantasy, drama, and horror, mostly in short story and poem format.

I have art on DA under JoJoBynxFwee.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!