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Hi there. I'm Joe. Don't let the spelling fool you, I'm actually a Jo, but I started posting fanfic under the pseudonym Joe Lawson, so Joe it is.

I tend to drift from one fandom to the next. I read a lot, but I'm a slow writer, I don't post WIPs, and life has been kicking me hard for the past few years, so there'll be long stretches without a fannish peep from me. Of course, chances are I will be off the grid forever and then suddenly post 80 pages of some weird AU thing that might involve everything from pregnant supersoldiers to mer people. Don't give up on me. I'm still there. :)

As a rule, I read every comment I receive and I love and cherish them more than I can say. Comments are the best. They make me so happy. I may even reply sometimes, but I'll be honest - chances are, I'll just dart out from under my rock, snatch up my precious to coo at and hoard for bad times, and go back to wrangling my muses and struggling with RL issues.

Podfics, translations, and/or artworks of my fics are always welcome! Please link back to the story - also, I'll love you forever if you send me a link, so I can come over and admire your work. :)

All the best,