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Admiral Naismith, Jenrose
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I've been writing fic since 1997 and the X-files. Currently numbing away my deep existential political pain with boys in love playing ice sports.

Also currently working on an original universe about interstellar colonization the hard way. Crunchy hard science fiction with a strong feminist bent. It's A Lon Story.

Queer/genderqueer, they/them but I won't bite your head off if you use she/her.

Find me on tumblr at and @jenrose on Twitter. PM/DM welcome, no anonymous asks. Constructive criticism accepted, but those who offer it may be drafted as beta readers.

Admiral Naismith is my RL hubby. He writes many, many filk. Some of them end up here. (He has actually written an average of a filk a week for the past three years. The mind boggles.)

Comment policy: I respond to all polite and/or positive top level comments. Constructive criticisms of the "you missed a word here, or the actually translation would be..." sort are very welcomed and encouraged.

My writing isn't for everyone. If you don't like my characters or think the story itself is bad... eh, I probably don't care.

I consider prompts phrased in the form of a request. Demands will be deleted. I'm a mom and my children have worn out my last nerve on that department.

I try to tag things for common triggers. If you have a question about whether something has specific triggers, message me on Tumblr.

I have several chronic and severe illnesses going on. My updating is necessarily uneven and irregular. I post reasonably regular status updates on Tumblr. Demands to update tend to delay updating, I'm just that kind of stubborn. I don't generally start posting a story unless I have a clear notion of where it's going.

Best option to stay up to date on something is to subscribe to the SERIES it is in, or to me as a writer.