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    Harveste began like this - another inconspicuous day in a slew of boring days, starting off with a perfunctory visit to the market, messing about with what could possibly be a very silly idea, and ending in a sense of accomplishment and the first installment. The day after that, buoyed into hitherto unfamiliar levels of ecstasy by readers’ comments (seriously, thank you so much to my first readers), the second installment. And then it just snowballed from there: the researching, the planning, watching and searching out all the little macabre details in a feverish giddy rush.

    My absolute favorite project, hands down, and the one I’ve had the most progress with. I’m quite proud that this is the first contribution I’ll be making to AO3, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. I hope this inspires me to continue and finish what I’ve started, because dear Harveste deserves that.


    15 Feb 2021

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    Harry Potter and Addams family