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fadedjae, Jaetion, verdictlesslife
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I've been dabbling in drabbling since about 2000. Really started getting into fandom with Digimon 02, many, many years ago; am currently a videogame nerd. As of 2016, my main fandoms are Mad Max: Fury Road, Dragon Age, Fallout, and Skyrim. Some of my older fandoms include Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, Zelda, 3:10 to Yuma, and Sailor Moon.

I'm really interested in the portrayal of women in fiction, and try to read and write stories that include intersectional feminism. Also swords. And dragons.

In addition to writing fanfics, I also do a fair bit of adding/editing over on fanlore under the same name, and I sometimes write fanfic and fanzine reviews. You can also find me on:
- tumblr
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