My pseuds:
heretoutopia, Jadesfire, Jadesfire2808
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Longtime lurker, occasional writer and podficcer.

My stories are now mostly archived here and locked at other locations. I'm Jadesfire on Livejournal and Dreamwidth, although I used to be Jadesfire2808, and I've been known to answer to Jades offline as well as on. Hopefully I did the pseuds thing right and both names should lead to me. Oh, and sometimes I'm HeretoUtopia, although that's another story.

I live on Tumblr, Twitter, and Dreamwidth as well, and I'm shy but friendly, so do drop in to say hello.

You have my blanket permission to make works based on, inspired by or remixed from my stories - podfic, art, fic, meta, whatever. Please let me have a link once you're done, as it makes my day, every time.