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    Okay, so here I am, reading the Foreigner series. I’m on Book 13 (“Intruder”) and I have fallen hopelessly in love with Machigi. Liar, conniver, rash, bold, young, ruthless, genius, and utterly alone Machigi.


    I know that C.J. Cherryh will probably do something with or for him in the future, so it’s stupid of me to headcanon some other kind of relationship for him. This has happened to me before. But of course, I went ahead and did it anyway.

    The stories within this series occur approximately two years after the events in "Intruder" (Book 13); I may make adjustments to the plot and/or plot elements if, as I read through the rest of the series, I find things within the time period that would impact the plausibility of the works.