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London, UK


book & language nerd, bilingual in German and English, fanfiction author since 2001, appreciates sarcasm and dark humour.

I do love leaving comments on stories and I'm always dead honest with my constructive criticism, especially regarding grammar mistakes or in-character things as I'm just a bit of a nerd when it comes to that.

In my works I'm always using the third-person omniscient perspective which I really love as I always want to give readers an insight of every character.

I like the Harry Potter books, the BBC Sherlock series, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and the whole fantasy business that keeps me sane.

If you need a Brit-picker or a betareader (or someone who knows London well) I'm more than willing to help if it's the Sherlock, Harry Potter or Tolkien genre. Don't be shy. Just send me a comment. :D I take my job at betareading very serious.

This is my tumblr.
My beta work:
No Stranger to the Cold by objetpetita
The Selkie's Song by twistedthicket1
Memories (on hiatus) by PeachTart
It'll Earl be okay by hannahrieu
The Case of the Dancing Cameras by Kr_NI
Several stories for JayEz, Linnet and alexisriversong.