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I multi-fandom, multi-ship, and write sporadically with very little editing. Sorry.

My FF.Net account I'm transferring some of my old works over to this account (possibly after some serious editing because wow what was I thinking?) But not all of them, so if you want more check there, though the fics on aren't all mine since it's a joint account.


My Tumblr


I give blanket permission to podfic, translate, and otherwise create based off of my fics with only one exception any sort of sequel or shared universe please ask first and I reserve all right to say no (only because I may already have something planned).
Otherwise, I give blanket permission for all fanworks with the requirements that:
1) You inform me
2) You put a link to the original wherever you post your fanwork
3) You give me a link to wherever you post your fanwork (so that I can squeal over it and so that I can post a link to your fanwork in the original)
If you have an questions by all means ask.