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Transformative Works Policy

You may, without notifying me:

- quote any publicly posted words
- write fic for my fic or art
- draw fanart for my fic or art
- use my words or art for icons

(I'd love to hear about it if you do make transformative works of my transformative works, but up to you!)

Ask first if you want to:

- use my art for layouts
- repost my art or fic elsewhere
- record podfic for my fic*

Do not:

- claim any of my art or words as your own
- repost anything I posted locked
- repost anything of mine without proper credit
- make reviews of my works, especially on sites meant for books, like Goodreads and Booklikes

* Permission almost certainly granted, but I want to know where my words are being posted.



I don't tend to make proper letters for exchanges, I'm sorry, I generally just can't think of anything. I will be grateful for anything you create, really, and if you're not sure, I do love gen.