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There is a Hsifeng on LiveJournal and DreamWidth, where I am not. She knows what fanfic is: She is not me, so please don't go bug her about anything I said.


Dear Yuletide writer, thank you in advance! :D

Since I don't have a LiveJournal or DreamWidth blog (it would look passé outside YT season), I put my Dear YT Writer letter here.

The stuff specific to each fandom in my requests, I'm leaving in my signup form because this text box only fits 2000 characters. ;)

Meanwhile, whether or not you want to include sex scenes, it's cool either way. :) If you do, please note: genuinely consenting (totally free to say no and still saying yes) adults, who don't hate each other, trying to make each other very happy is a huge turn-ON. :D My turn-OFFs are rape (including non-con/violating the conditions of someone's conditional consent/etc.), slavery, hurt, blood, pain, humiliation, exploitation, lack of privacy, teenagers, children and anyone else not past puberty (including underage/lolicon/shotacon/etc.), incest (including between adoptive/honorary/step/etc. relatives), bestiality, and RPF. D: If there is a rape or something, make it realistic instead of having the victim fall in love with the rapist/convert his or her sexual orientation/etc. (y'know, like you would with non-sexual horrors).