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Israeli, female.

I'd probably be delighted and flattered if you want to remix, translate, podfic, make art of or otherwise transform any of my fanworks. You have blanket permission unless otherwise stated below, provided you have permission from any co-creators (inclusive of Pot Together and PT Lightning podficcers), link from your work to mine, and comment on my work with links to all places your work is posted other than the Archive. Whether or not you need to seek permission, you're warmly invited to talk to me if you'd like.

Graphics & vidding: no exceptions.

Podfic: Full policy & exceptions lists here. (The list means "Talk to me", not "No". ) Follow the pronunciation of my name here or here.

Remix: exceptions list.

Translation: Do not alter any metadata without explicit permission. Do not translate any non-English content in a language that is not your native tongue without explicit permission.

Interpretive forms not listed above: do not without permission. (I'd probably be positive about it.)