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Diomedea Exulans

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http://hsavinien.dreamwidth.org/ & http://hsavinien.tumblr.com


I'm a geek and a terribly multifandom one.

I give blanket permission for other fans to remix, podfic, translate, create art for, or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have created. Please credit me and include a link back to my work, though. And please let me know because I'd love to see it. This permission does not extend to reposting my fic on other sites.

For any of the fandoms I write, RL permitting, I am available for beta-reading and Americanisms (is that the reverse of Brit-picking? Anyway, picking through for things that folks in the US say differently than the rest of the world). Currently not likely for anything longer than 1-2k, as I am very tired and life is A Lot.

If you have blocked me, you don't get to comment on my stuff. I don't appreciate you starting a conversation on my stories that I can't be a part of. Read and enjoy all you like.

For any fic I have written, no matter how old, concrit and spelling and grammar errors notes in the comments are welcome, though I may not agree with your assessments. I'm always happy to improve.