One lit bulb in a pile of discards. "Inspiration."

My pseuds:
Gryphonrhi, Rhi Shaw
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FYI: No. No one has permission to post pictures of me to Fanlore, with or without my name attached.

Podficcers have blanket permission for anything of mine; artists absolutely have permission; remixers and folks who want to write sequels have permission for everything except the Aidan-verse stuff and honestly, email me about those and I'll probably say yes anyway. ::grinning:: And chat background details on the OCs if you need it.

(If you podfic "Bad Moon Rising," oh man, please let me know!)

And anyone who wants to podfic/remix/make art any of those things a) has made me madly happy and b) please, tell me when you're done so I can link to it! Thank you!

I'm also Rhi on DW, Gryphonrhi on LJ, or Gryphonrhi on Tumblr.