One lit bulb in a pile of discards. "Inspiration."

My pseuds:
Gryphonrhi, Rhi Shaw
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FYI: Podficcers have blanket permission for anything of mine; remixers and folks who want to write sequels have permission for everything except the Aidan-verse stuff and honestly, email me about those and I'll probably say yes anyway. ::grinning:: And chat background details on the OCs if you need it.

(If you podfic "Bad Moon RIsing," oh man, please let me know!)

And anyone who wants to do any of those things a. has made me madly happy and b. please, tell me when you're done so I can link to it! Thank you!

I'm also Rhi on DW, Gryphonrhi on LJ, or Gryphonrhi on Tumblr.