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Hello! Grey Liliy here (Liliy for short! :D). I've made an AO3 account because I like what the OTW is doing, and I find myself reading here often. It's a good site.

I've been writing Fanfiction since 2005, and it's helped spring me into writing & publishing original novels. So, cheers for fanfiction!

I've taken to mostly posting my new works on AO3 (the rest you can probably find on Tumblr, or mirrored to if you still visit there), but my older works will be mirrored to this account mostly By Request. Or if I suddenly decide to update a fic that hasn't been touched in a while. Then I'll probably mirror it here just because it's updating again. Ha ha.

So, if you have a favorite fanfic from my Account, or Tumblr you don't see here, feel free to ask and I'll add it!

Thank you for reading!

(Tiny note: If you see a fic mirrored on and it's rated higher than it is here, please know that the content is identical. Because is stricter with their content guidelines—which also happen to be on the vague side—I rate higher there to err on the side of caution. Thanks!)