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Gondolin, Gondolinpod
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tumblr ; youtube ; twitter | she/they, 18+

If you read Italian, you can find traces of my misspent youth on EFP.


You have my enthusiastic consent and support to create transformative works of my fics/podfics! This includes (but is not limited to) podfic, translation, fanart, repods, fanmix, moodboards, continuations for the stuff tagged as "abandoned" (Into the garbage chute! series), or using my headcanons or plotbunnies.

If I collaborate with someone, please check their policy or ask them about using our work.

Please credit me/link back. I'll be super excited to have inspired you! If you only post outside AO3 (so I won't see the related work notification), I'd love if you dropped me a line.

Concrit welcome.

@ fellow podficcers:
Repods are love, repods are great! (not that you need my permission, but just in case you need to hear it)

If podficcing my writing, feel free to remove dialogue tags, change words to improve the flow or make pronunciation easier. You absolutely can make more substantial changes too (it's a transformative work, transform away!), but in that case please do put a note somewhere saying you changed the text.



Have you considered adding a permission statement for your own works? Have a statement (it can also be a blanket no), save a podficcer!