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I've been writing fic since 2002 and I've written quite a lot of different fandoms in the intervening years. I'm particularly fond of science-fiction (especially the more obscure bits of Dr Who) but I'm highly suggestible towards other areas of potential fannish glee (especially podcasts - I'm a radio drama fiend). Secondary obsessions involve classic BBC dramas, eminently quotable comedy from the 80s (Smeghead. Bob. 42.), obscure documentaries, gothic architecture, knitting and photography.

Everything is better with penguins.

Standard Disclaimer: It should be obvious but it bears repeating. All characters contained in the stories listed under this account are fictional and all recognisable characters belong to their respective creators. In writing these stories I do not seek nor make profit, though I do get (and share) a lot of enjoyment from it. I, as the saying goes, own nothing but the plot.

Relatedly if you wish to remix, podfic or translate (or make any other kind of transformative work from) any of my works then feel free to, just send me a link so I can enjoy it too. And link to it as a related work...