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Dusseldorf, Germany


The type of person that can remember 30 digit numeric codes but not faces or names. 20 something years old, female. Offenses are, normally, not intended. My name is Iza, most of the times. "がラスの牢屋でうなずく" Or in Romaji, GLASS no Rouya de Unazuku, can be translated as "So, I will Abide this prison of glass", it is a sentence extracted from the song Kagami no Naka no Ore performed on the Tenimyu's 1st & 2nd by Kato Kazuki and Aoki Tsunenori.

I like Tenipuri, Dota2 and good Visual Novel's.

You can find me at: http://glassnorouyadeunazuku.tumblr.com/