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    Todoroki Shouto wanted to be important to Bakugou, the one and only love Bakugou had. The one he married, the one he thought about before going to sleep. A dreamy romance the pair had been entangled in, enamored with one another and waking up beside each other, sleepy and unashamedly happy. Simple, domestic bliss.

    But, that couldn't happen. Not anymore. At this point they were standing on separate sides of a bloody war. Enemies, in the purest sense of the word. He'd never be in Bakugou's life the way they both wanted, deep down where nobody could see.

    Shouto wasn't the one love, the Soulmate. Shouto was the one who ruined Katsuki's life, ruined both of their lives. He was already killing Bakugou slowly, poisoning everyone around him, none were safe from this curse of misfortune and death that claimed everybody he cared about. This curse so deeply entwined with his soul, Shouto's very being. Shouto was a Lolita with poison-cherry lips and a demonic smile and he didn't have a damn clue how anybody hadn't noticed sooner. He was poison. He'd ruin Bakugou's life and eventually?

    Shouto would take that life from him too.