My name is For-Chan Cookie and I've been writing fanfiction since the dinosaurs roamed the earth...well, not really, but close enough. I mainly write slash and yaoi fanfiction, but I also enjoy femslash and het. I write rather slowly. Sorry about that. I'm open to constructive criticism if you'd like to leave it. Thanks so much for reading. <3 I try to reply to all comments, but I'm rather shy and sometimes I let them slip through the cracks. Rest assured, I really really appreciate them. Even if something looks abandoned, a nice comment can often make me update. :)

Anyway, if you like my writing, I have a lot of older, crappy stuff up on my rarely updated website: For-Chan Cookies
And you can also find me kicking around on tumblr, geeking out about anime: Forchancookie's G(eek) Spot