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Hi. I write mostly video game fandoms, when I'm not actually playing video games. Until AO3 I never had an archive for everything, because of the various content restrictions on other sites. AO3 is fairly accepting of different types of fics and has a nice tagging system. So I've been excited to try out the beta.

For anyone curious: FionasEmbrace is a play on Fina's Embrace... reference to something from Dark souls

I have a request for anyone reading this- does anyone know of this Dead Space fanfic? It was archived at Fanfiction.Net but later removed. Isaac X Stross, rated M, where Stross trips out and hallucinates that Isaac is Alexis. I don't know the author or title. I remember one sentence from it, something like "And Stross talked about love and beauty..." I remember liking this one so damn much that sentence stuck with me. I realize that isn't a lot to go by. I tried internet searching something to this effect but no luck. Maybe someone out there has a lead.

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Recently got a tumblr: . It used to be fionasembrace on tumblr. this is the new one :)

By all means drop me a line if you have any good prompts or ideas, want to collaborate, or just to say hi.

There are some fic recs in my 'Bookmarks' section.

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I hereby give permission for anyone to translate any of my works into other languages, or create derivative works, without limitation.