Well, hello there.

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Polar Bear Land


I'm three ferrets in a trenchcoat
If you have a question for me, the best place to start is my website
You can also find me:
Discord: FestiveFerret#8704
Tumblr: festiveferret.tumblr.com
Twitter: @FestiveFerret
Email: festiveferret88@gmail.com

I have a completely open works-of-my-works policy. I would be thrilled if you wanted to podfic, translate, do fanart, or write a companion piece/remix/unofficial sequel/timestamp etc, for any of my works. Please credit me or do the inspired by link if on AO3 or send me a link to other sites if you do! (I can't speak for my collabers, so please check with them separately). For more details, check out my FAQ.