My pseuds:
Ann O Nymous, FayJay
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Variously known as FayJay and Fay.

Links to a few of my podfics are here; most of them, however, (those not lost when the site was hacked) are over at Jinjurly’s Audiofic archive. There are...a lot.


Pandarus on Dreamwidth.

fly @flockofwords on twitter.

Active in fandom since 2000ish, reading and writing and, more recently, recording podfic.

Email: thingsinvisibletosee@gmail.com

Feel free to make any not-for-profit transformative works (podfic, art, fanfic, translations etc) you wish based on my work, so long as you include a link back/acknowledgement of my fic as the source text; it would be lovely to have a heads up if you do.