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I hang out on DW as intransitive and LJ, Tumblr & Twitter as exmanhater. Fanworks on LJ ||| Fanworks on Dreamwidth

Transformative works & podfic policy: you absolutely have my blanket permission to podfic, remix, create art for, and/or reference any of my fanworks, and you don't need to ask for specific permission beforehand. I would like you to include a link in your work back to whichever work of mine you're referencing, and to please also let me know about it once you're done and it's posted. I'll be overjoyed and will want to say thank you!

Repods/multipods: I love that different readers bring such different things to their interpretation of a story, so I am all for repods, and will be super-happy if you want to record a story I've done, whether I wrote it or not. I hope someday there will be multiple podfics of every story I've ever recorded, and ones I haven't, so go forth and podfic your own version of everything you want to record! It makes fandom a better place for us all <3