Asking Too Much Of The World Until It Shakes in Its Foundations

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"She's too fond of books and it has addled her brain" - Louisa May Alcott.

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Sometimes I get distracted from fandom by publishing stories on Amazon, but if you join my fandom-only ML (, I'll send you free copies in the hope that I can move you into reviewing :p Also because I get most of my ideas from fanfic and I feel it's only fair.

Reader, INTP, slasher, fandomer, writer, autistic, intersectional feminist, queer, hedonist, immigrant, culturally Jewish, language lover (latest language obsession: German (61 days streak on duolingo!). Briefs affairs with: Portuguese, Hebrew, Norwegian (SKAM, you see), Polish, Romanian, Greek, Latin, Russian.
Languages I actually speak: Spanish, English, Italian, Catalan.

I write fic sometimes, I translate fic other times. But for the last four years I have taken up original fiction again and I'm quite addicted! I'm looking for a co-writer at the moment so hit me up if you think our tastes align enough for us to play together :)

I'm very happy to be asked help with linguistic matters by complete strangers, there's nothing that will have me backclicking faster than a google translation (although sometimes you get lucky since google translate is getting better) in a great fic. It mostly irks me because of how unnecessary it is to be disrespectful of someone else's language and culture to make your fic/art look better. She said in Russian to avoid being understood by the locals is a perfectly valid narrative device!