I'm Lucky to Have Any (Fictional) Characters At All

My pseuds:
Eumelia, stillnotanonymous
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the interwebs


If you wanted to know more about me should follow me on Dreamwidth and Tumblr. I'm not really shy, so if you have a question about me, my writing, or anything you suspect I may be able to answer, feel free to drop me a line, a comment or a PM :)

What you'll find here is my fanfiction. Some of it explicit, some of it not. If you're checking to see who I am, you obviously like my style. I'm sure I like yours, too.

You have my blanket permission to podfic, remix, fanart, fanmix, or create any kind of transformative work based on what I've written - anything written with a co-author needs their permission as well.

There's no need to ask, but I do want to be informed, so I can enjoy it and link to it as well!