My pseuds:
EroticFantasies, FunPlotBunnies
I joined on:


Sometimes I get so wrapped up in ships and fandoms the only outlet for my internal agony is to write delicious smut about it.

I call most of what I do "corrupted cannon," which is just to say that I shine a light on those 'fade to black' scenes and ignore or delay cock-blocks. I love drama and angst, forbidden or doomed romances, good girls x bad boys. But mostly I just write about people fucking and similar hot stuff. I'm good at short, sweet and to the point. I'll do what I can regarding spoilers, but it's probably best you just read everything I write with the understanding that since what I'm writing is technically canon, spoilers will abound.

I also write stupid stuff. Sometimes I just get absurd plot bunnies in my head that are so outlandishly bizarre that I feel it becomes my duty to write them into existence. When those are more explicit/sexual in nature, I put them under this pen name. When they're more fun, silly and less about sex, I put them under my FunPlotBunnies pseudonym!