Coder, Writer, Designer, Tester, in approximately that order

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Enigel, zenigel
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Many fandoms, little time. :) However, my main current fandom is Cabin Pressure, and while I don't think I can be truly mono-fannish, CP is the closest I ever got. :D I love crossovers and apparently crack pairings.

I am enigel on LJ and Dreamwidth.

General blanket permission to podfic, translate, create art for or create secondary fanwork of any of my fanworks. I'd expect you to include a link back to my work, and I would love it if you shared the link to your work with me. The first time one of my works was podficced and I listened to it, it was a revelation. (And yes, I know the podficcer doesn't necessarily do it for the author, but I'd like to be part of your audience. :) )

Most of my comment fics are not beta-ed.

I welcome any kind of grammatical or linguistic correction, including Britpicking, US-picking or pointing out any other kind of cultural disconnect. (I often have problems writing mundane stuff in various fandoms because most of my fandoms are North-American or West European, and I grew up in a socialist country. I had to have things like "Bueller? Anyone?" explained to me. ;) )

Until we develop private messaging on the AO3, if you need to contact me for some reason you can use LJ or DW. (Please don't ask me questions that would be better suited for the Support form, however, unless we're already friends and/or I've specifically offered to help you.)