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    We all know the story of how Ryuko Matoi became The Girl Who Saved the World, but this is only the first of many titles by which she will be known. Because though the world may be saved, it’s not exactly staying still, and the discovery of life-fibers will bring forth a new age unlike anything before seen. An age of heroes and villains, epic tragedies and romances, wars that span continents and battles that break the sky. And at the center of it all are Ryuko and Satsuki and the curse of their bloodline, a decades long cycle of daughters betraying mothers which has not come to an end yet.

    Stepping up to fill the void of fics using the concept of sentient battle clothing to its full potential comes this bizarre tale of war, romance, the fate of humanity, and all the other nonsense it says in the tags.

    A story in five parts:
    1: Peacetime (DONE)
    2: REVOCS Insurgency (started but not far in at all)
    3: The Kamui War (not started)
    4: The Ascension War (not started)
    5: Hybrid Gods (not started)