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  • The Successor Challenge (TheSuccessorChallenge) by EmeraldLatias

    07 Jun 2018


    A collection of fanfiction specifically made for the annual Successor Challenge in August.

    (Open, Moderated)

  • Summary

    "Where I Belong" Squall and Rinoa challenge - August 2012

    We all started somewhere and, for many of us, Final Fantasy VIII was our first fandom. Even as several have moved on, in August we invited everyone to return to celebrate that part of our past. We included many sites and mediums - ffnet, A03, DeviantART, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and Youtube. All submissions, no matter the archive, can be found at the master list. http://whereibelong823.livejournal.com/1677.htmls *All works were also translated by Alessia Heartilly a master list in Italian is available.

    In total we had 129 pieces by 53 different creators.

    *Note: For those who wanted to write longer stories, we had a sub-challenge titled "Where I Belong: Inspired." This is going on until the end of 2012 and anyone can joint his NaNo-like challenge. However, WiB fanfic guidelines apply. We also offer tiers as many cannot reach the 50k goal with the holidays - so it breaks down as follows. Bronze: 20k. Silver: 35k. Gold 50k. Platinum 75k.

    (Open, Moderated)