Fan Fiction by Ellie Rose McKee

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Northern Ireland, UK


I'm a professional writer obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Spuffy is my OTP and that's what I write, mostly.

You can also find me on Elysian Fields (Spuffy only fanfic archive) and, but everything will be shared here eventually - I'm working through my backlist, re-editing as I go.

PLEASE do not archive my work on any other site without my permission.

Reviews are always appreciated :)



Round 30: Nominated for Best Author. After the End was up for Best Drama, Best NC-17, Best Plot, Best Post-Series Fic, and Best Romance.

Round 31: Nominated for Best Author and Best Beta. Snapshot was up for Best Pairing (Conventional) and Best Plot. Shared Hearts and Minds came runner-up for Best Series.

Round 32: Runner-up for Best Beta (for the_bronze). Drinks won Best Crossover (TV). Frustration won Best Quickie Fic and was also nominated for Best NC-17. Slayer Sex Ed was nominated for Best Comedy. The Rose and the Thorn was up for Best Pairing (Conventional) and Best Romance.